Just some random shots that I have taken while out and about.

Dancing Fountains

These newly installed fountains “dance” as music is piped in.

Fall foilage

I shot these around Thanksgiving last year. I’m finally just now getting around to posting them.

Train of thought

This past Saturday, I woke up a little earlier than I normally do. As I picked up a newspaper, I noticed the sun still fairly low on the horizon and of course, the hues and tones that were being projected at that time. So, I grabbed my camera and headed to a spot that I had been thinking about shooting but haven’t had the time to. The location is the site of our old train station, which back in the day, was the hub of activity. Some of the markings still remain, such as the loading platform, a couple of ticket booths, and sign identifying the city. Currently, it is the site our historic train museum. They have a few static displays of some older engines and cars. So, risking a trespassing charge, I took a few shots of what I discovered in and around the museum.

Images in Black and White

These images represent various places around the city that I have shot at one time or another. I like to use black and white as a change of pace from the everyday norm. I really enjoy looking at the contrast that these type of images produce.

Frosty tips

Snow on trees is always beautiful. I took these last winter and basically forgot about them until yesterday as I was looking for another picture and ran across them.

In the tone

I was in the mood for some split toning, so I sifted through some recent shots and applied some toning effects to a few. I appreciate the versatility of split toning because of virtually endless possibilities within the color spectrum.

Misty Mistie

Every once in awhile when the conditions are ideal, a rolling mist will form along the river that runs behind my neighborhood. It rapidly burns off as the suns rises above the horizon, so when I noticed it this past Saturday morning as I was going to the grocery store, I immediately turned around, dashed back home and retrieved my camera.

Downtown stroll

I took these shots during a recent walk downtown. The sky was very overcast, so I decided to do them in B/W. On a couple of them, I let some original color seep through. Enjoy!

View of a Paragon

This 35-foot, 28-ton beauty titled “Paragon” by Albert Paley depicts our state’s natural resources in a beautifully abstracted form. Even though it’s a rather bold piece, its muted tones keep it down to earth.(No pun intended)